FAQ(frequently asked questions)

What is a starting lineup or LineUP?

The starting lineup is the information published through the football federations of various countries concerning the list of 11 players (names and surnames) coming to the game in the first eleven and a list of players on the sidelines. LineUPs for the match are often shown 90-5 minutes before the start of the game. Delay in publication of the starting line-up on the website may from 1 to 10 minutes.

Why do we need to know about starting lineups/rotations/physical injuries of players?

If you are a big fan or a journalist, this information will help you to quickly assess the list of the players, the scale of their replacements, the lack of key players (goalscorers, playmakers, the goalkeeper) or their play after an injury, problems in the tactical strategies of the team, as well as the market price of each player, and the state of each player’s biorhythm. The starting line-up rotation for the match is the absence of the majority of the main players. LineUP (starting lineups for the match) is always posted on a variety of resources, but only on, the information about the starting lineups is more complete since we cover more than 500 football leagues (for example, women’s football) and present them in an interface more convenient for reading.

Why are the interfaces of LineUP starting lineups so unique?

We sort footballers in the list by the quantity of played minutes during the match and by their importance. We also provide users with information (green dots) about the last three starting lineups of the team in the last three games. We mark the current starting line-up with red dot so that the User could make a decision on the importance of missing players or on returning key players to the starting line-up after injuries or disqualifications.

On which leagues the website provides information about starting lineups?

There are 500 world leagues including all world cups and the federations. For instance, among them are: women’s football and friendly games. Most of them are shown with the prices of players from the Transfermarket and the calculation of biorhythms – a List of leagues.

Can I see a starting lineup list for free?

Yes, you can. We show you the matches with optimal team lists (90-100% of the perfect line-up) absolutely for free. We also do this to starting lineups for all matches of the English Premier League and the Russian Championship.

I want to buy a tariff, but I don't know what the views (100, 300, 700) are. Could you explain it to me?

It is the change to the mode of starting lineups analysis and the statistics of players. When entering a match, one view (as a number) is deducted from the total quantity. If you later decide to watch the same match, the number of views will not decrease. We do not plan on setting new tariffs with an infinite number of views. 700 views per month is the optimal number of matches, which an experienced player can qualitatively analyze.

What happens if I buy a package but don’t use even the half of it during 30 days?

The remaining views are reset. If, for different reasons, you need to temporarily stop using the services of (and the money has already been paid), write to us, and we will freeze your account for a while. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that when buying a new package during the current one, the remaining views are added to the views of the new package.

May there be any errors in starting lineups? For example, when the players that weren’t on the list of your service, come out to the field?

Yes, this might happen, but only because of the wrong translation of the surnames from different languages, technical errors, federation errors, and, surely, because of people. Most often than not. All information is provided on an “as is” basis. You agreed to this when decided to purchase the service package.

I have got an idea. Can I share it with you?

We are always glad to hear out the ideas that can be useful to our customers. Use the contact form to share your ideas and suggestions with us, and we will respond as soon as possible.

What should I do if I want to use another payment system?

We can accept payment in the following payment systems:

  • Skrill;
  • PayPal;
  • Yandex money;
  • Webmoney
If you want to use one of the payment systems mentioned above, please contact us through or through the contact form. Tell us about the payment system you would want to use and a tariff plan that you want to choose, and we will give you the detailed information concerning the payment.